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We aim to foster an environment that demonstrates genuine respect towards young children and their whanau.

We maintain a small team and low enrollment to ensure your child is enveloped in attention and surrounded by familiar faces. This is part of our philosophy to encourage early brain development, which is affected by the experiences children have and the settings in which they spend time in, at these early stages. Our experienced team place huge importance on early childhood development and strive to create and maintain a nurturing environment for your child to continue their journey of discovery.

Choosing our centre

If you are looking for exceptional childcare for your under three, we encourage you to come for a visit, to meet our team and explore our centre for yourself. To make an appointment, please call on (09) 459 1860 or email info@babysteps.co.nz

Our philosophy

Baby Steps’ philosophy is founded on a respect for Early Childhood Development. The day-to-day experiences babies have at this early stage determine the ongoing development of their brain. These experiences have implications for vision, motor skill development, language, music and maths. Starting your child’s journey in a setting developed specifically for their needs, and in a place where they are nurtured and cared for by professionals who understand these principles, encourages the development of their brain and wellbeing.

Settling visits

We believe it is incredibly important that you are able to settle your child in to Baby Steps, and recommend a minimum of 3 settling sessions with you and your child (there is no charge for these). Between you and your Baby Steps teacher, it will be discussed whether more settling sessions may be needed. These settling sessions can take the form of a couple of hours or a whole day. We welcome and look forward to you spending time here. On these visits we will start to build an understanding of you and your child and their routines and little quirks! It is important to us that we know as much as possible about the things your child loves and those that he or she are not so keen on. This helps us to make this home as much as possible like yours. The dates for settling sessions are discussed with you when we give you a call to say we have a space available that suits your requirements.

Baby Steps Teachers

We place great importance on relationships both with you as parents and individuals as well as your child. That is why initially you will have a Baby Steps teacher to guide and help you and your child in to our environment.  Your Baby Steps teacher initially will be the person that greets you each morning here and talks over with you how the previous night was for your child and if there anything that may have happened that would be good for us to know. They are the person who understands on certain days you are a bit pushed for time and other days you may have more time to talk. They are also the person who shares initially all the primary care routines with your child – nappy changing, placing down to sleep and feeding until eventually your child feels comfortable with all our teachers.  At the end of the day, your Baby Steps teacher is the one that you can catch up with about your child’s day, although all teachers here know how the day has been for your child. They are the one that will be excited to tell you all the great moments that happened for your child, help you with any queries, or know that you have to rush home as you have relatives coming for dinner!

Play time

Play time for babies and toddlers is very important work. They have so much happening while they play. The world is still such a new place to them and it can take much repetition for them to understand and feel comfortable with environments, people and objects. Routines are also very important. Where ever possible we make our environment predictable for them. Having the same activity out for them for say a couple of months may seem boring to us as adults but for them it is a chance to explore, understand and finally master. What a great moment that is to observe! It may appear as teachers we are just sitting round watching babies….don’t be fooled! As trained early childhood teachers, we are observing, recording, responding, planning and evaluating. We need to offer our children an environment that is responsive to their needs and observation is a key element to achieving this. We live in a busy fast paced world. We offer an unhurried curriculum for our busy babies where they have time to work things out for themselves. Along with respect, safety and love – Baby Steps is a fun, nurturing place for your child.


All your child’s nutritional requirements are provided for by you, so please bring each day whatever your child will need. You know at this age what they currently like and dislike. You also know what they have tried so far and haven’t with regard to allergies and reactions. We also want to replicate your home environment as much as possible, so the taste and textures they have at home, are the same as they have here. Routine and familiarity make for a content environment. We are able to heat food as required and have a fridge available with a space just for your child’s milk and food.


All fees are payable 1 week in advance. We accept cheque, direct debits and internet banking. Please see our fee policy in the centre for further information.